Toledo City Council meets over Lake Erie "Impaired" designation


Toledo, Ohio (WWNO)--For over two hours on Monday night City Council discussed the issues of declaring the western shores of Lake Erie Impaired.

In addition, new legislation was introduced by City Councilman Peter Ujvagi. Among many things, the resolution called for tighter controls on phosphorus sources like livestock, manure distribution, fertilizer and untreated sewage to prevent contribution to harmful algal blooms.

Some concerned if the watershed becomes impaired federal mandates will increase water bills and make it more difficult for local agriculture.

If the basin is declared impaired, federal government would look at basin and document where the majority of the pollution is coming from a TMDL analysis, or a total load analysis.

During the hearing, the public also got a chance to share their own stories, one woman bringing a bottle filled with green Maumee River water displaying the effects of harmful algal bloom.

On Tuesday, the resolution will be brought before the entire Council whom will then vote whether or not to declare the Lake Impaired.

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