Toledo Crash defeat Toledo Rockets in what could be final football game as a program

The Toledo Crash defeated the Toledo Rockets, 98-91, on Sunday (WNWO).

The Toledo Crash had a friendly contest with the Toledo Rockets on Sunday, a football game that could mean more to the Crash than ever before.

"The Ability Center informed the parents that this would be the last game, as is, for the Crash," said Grandparent Rick Anteau.

According to Crash family members, due to lack of participation, the Crash are no more.

The unfortunate news made Sunday's 98-91 win over the Toledo Rockets football team bittersweet.

"It meant a lot to us for them to give us the opportunity to play the game that we love against a high level competitive team," declared Crash Quarterback Nick Hyndman.

As for the MAC Champion Rockets, losing isn't easy, but this is a game where the numbers on the scoreboard really didn't matter.

"I know it meant a lot to a lot of them, especially the quarterback. I could see him out there reacting when he would make bad passes. I know that it meant a lot to them, and I'm happy we could come out here and just have fun with them," said Rockets Wide Receiver, Desmond Phillips.

With the future of the program in doubt, family and friends of the Crash are looking to find interest and help get the program up and going again in the near future.

"Well, the parents are making plans for the future because we're not going to let this stop. When I see my grandson, who's never been able to walk, who watches football with me, his uncle played football at Florida State on a national championship team, and wants to so much. When I see him smile, that will stop over my dead body," stated Anteau.

The Ability Center of Greater Toledo released this statement: "We annually review our programming to ensure we are providing the best services available for our consumers. The Toledo Crash game against the Toledo Rockets was the final game of this season."

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