Toledo FD & PD react to end of Abou-Arab trial

Toledo Fire Department (WNWO).

It's a case they've been watching closely for nearly three and a half years.'s over.

Officials with the Toledo Fire and Police Departments are now reacting to a swift end to a long ordeal.

"This was not the way we intended the trial to end," said Toledo Police Chief George Kral.

Thursday afternoon following the mistrial of Ray Abou-Arab a gathering at Fire Station Three took place.

Toledo's police chief and fire chief stood alongside the sister of fallen firefighter Jamie Dickman.

"Going back to January 26th of 2014 all the way up to today, it's been a huge weight on their shoulders and hearts," said Toledo Fire Chief Luis Santiago.

Even though the trial centered around Ray often focused on Dickman and Stephen Machinski, the other firefighter who lost his life in that fire.

"I need to thank Steve and Jamie for the sacrifice they gave. You never know what you're going to get into when you go into some of these fires, especially a fire that's been intentionally set," said Chief Santiago.

Dickman's sister Libbey Cheney also spoke, thanking the community for supporting her family.

"We could have not made it through the last three and a half years without everyone. That's including civilians and the fire department and police departments, it was a team effort," said Cheney.

Police Chief George Kral also addressed an opportunity for his department to grow from the tragedy.

"When something like this happens. We learn from it, we train on it. We train on it and we (keep) training on it in the hopes that nothing like this will ever happen again," said Chief Kral.

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