Toledo Fire and Rescue looking to purchase bullet proof vests for firefighters

The task force gear will feature ballistic vests and helmets (WNWO).

The Toledo Fire and Rescue Department is trying to take steps to keep its personnel safe.

Currently, Lucas County equips all 11 life squad ambulances with rescue task force gear, which features ballistic helmets and vests.

Now, TRFD is making a push to get some of its own.

"We're trying to expand that to accommodate our members if we're ever in a situation where we need more than what's on the life squads," said Private Sterling Rahe.

Next week, the department is preparing to ask Toledo City Council for funding to purchase 18 to 20 sets of equipment, a total cost ranging $15,000-17,000.

Private Sterling Rahe says they will work on adding more in the future.

"We have over 500 members. It is quite costly. We're doing it in increments to build up to that point."

The whole bundle will feature the vests and helmets, along with medical equipment to help treat life threats.

Rahe believes that fire fighters would feel a much better peace of mind arriving on dangerous scenes with the new gear.

"What we do, we know it sometimes can be dangerous. We're always looking ways to reduce that danger level. This would be an added layer to again help us protect them and then put them in a situation where they would hopefully be able to help those in need," said Rahe.

TRFD has been training to use the equipment and handle crisis situations for the last year, and believes this is the next step in helping improve safety.

"This is part of that overall plan to equip our firefighters with the equipment that would deem them safe for an incident like this," declared Rahe.

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