Toledo seeing city-wide increase in 911 calls

For the past 15 years the department has seen the number of calls increase (courtesy:Toledo Police department).

Toledo, OH. (WNWO)-- Toledo Fire and rescue says they're seeing an increase in the amount of 911 calls they receive.

In the early 2000s they averaged about 20,000 runs.

This year they'll hit close to 62,000.

While they can't nail down an exact answer as to the increase in demand, they have some ideas.

Possibly an aging population or improper healthcare.

For people who don't have a doctor, EMS becomes a go-to diagnosis.

While the department says they treat every call with the same attention, they say the increase in calls can be taxing on their service men and women and equipment.

The Department says they plan to continue to work to educate the community on proper usage of emergency contacts.

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