Toledo Ironworkers Local 55 member, veteran jumps from plane to raise awareness

David Kolbe is a member of Ironworkers Local 55 Toledo, and he jumped on July 4th to raise awareness for Helmets to Hardhats (WNWO).

50 years after he served in the 82nd Airborne Division, Veteran David Kolbe jumped out of a plane again, this time to raise awareness.

Kolbe joined the army at just 17 years old, and came home to work as an ironworker.

He is now a member of Ironworkers Local 55 Toledo.

Kolbe wants veterans to find a trade of their own.

He is working with Helmets to Hardhats, which connects retired service members with training and career opportunities in the construction industry.

"They know how to work on a team, they know how to work safe, they know how to depend on each other, and those are the attributes that really help before you even get the training for the trades."

If you're a veteran and are interested in Helmets to Hardhats, visit their website here.

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