Toledo looking for more mowing partners to take care of nuisance properties

The city of Toledo will be bringing in more than 30 more partners to its mowing program (WNWO).

The city of Toledo needs help mowing the grass this summer, so it held an open house Thursday night to help expand its program.

Last year alone, there were 24,000 work orders placed for nuisance properties across the city.

Toledo worked with 68 different mowing partners to take care of the problem.

This year, they are looking for anywhere from 97-130 partners.

"Everyone drives by tall grass, weeds, junk and debris during the summer, and that doesn't belong in our neighborhoods or in our community. By engaging with these partners to help us out, it's a win-win situation," said Dennis Kennedy with the City of Toledo's Code Enforcement.

Applications can be submitted through the end of the month. To fill one out, contact the Division of Code Enforcement.

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