Toledo Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz celebrates 100 days since being sworn in

It has been exactly 100 days since Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz was sworn into office (WNWO).

From being sworn in on January 2nd to April 12th, Wade Kapzukiewicz has now hit the century mark as mayor in Toledo.

"I think we've made some real progress in this first 100 days."

Passing a city budget unanimously for the first time since 2013, speaking with the public during Wednesdays with Wade, establishing the Not in My House program with the Toledo Police Department, the past 100 days have been busy.

"There are some real signs that we're moving things in the right direction. We have a lot more work to do, but I think we're off to a good start."

The mayor is certainly pleased with the beginning of his term.

However, he knows that the window of opportunity for the city to grow and prosper could close at any minute.

"Every day, I feel an anxiety to attack the problems and the challenges because we may not get another chance."

But how does the public feel about the mayor's start?

"I think he's making a difference in our community. Day by day, he's making Toledo better," said Toledo Resident, Amma Kankam.

While it's only been 100 days, he believes he is taking the strengths from the previous administration, and expanding on them.

"There's no question that there is some momentum that was inherited. I also believe there are things that we weren't doing last year that we had to get better at doing. That's where I've put a lot of my focus."

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