Toledo Police Department SWAT team brings Halloween to patients at children's hospital

The TPD SWAT members were led through the parade by a member of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (WNWO).

Kids yelled, applauded and smiled as Spider-Man, Mr. Incredible, Captain America, Wolverine and more scaled the side of their hospital on Tuesday.

"They're happy, they're pounding the glass, and you just want to go up and give them high fives. You just want to be as positive as you can when you're up there. To see their faces light up, it's a great feeling," said Sgt. Matt Slaman.

The Toledo Police Department SWAT Team traded in their normal uniforms for capes and costumes.

Team members came up with the idea in 2014, that involves dressing up as the children's favorite superheroes and rappelling down the side of the hospital.

They dressed as superheroes and rappelled down the side of the ProMedica Toledo Children's Hospital.

With the superheroes outside of the building, Tracy Boice decided to come inside with the patients.

She is on the Toledo Children's Hospital Foundation Board, and was Wonder Woman.

"You want the best for all the kids here, you want them out of here as soon as possible. But the fact that we can bring them a great Halloween, and an experience that you can't really get anywhere else in the world, I don't know if they do this, but this is really, really special."

Once the superheroes arrived at the bottom, they headed inside for a Halloween parade throughout the halls.

That included nurses dressed as Smurfs passing out candy.

For Brady Chapa, it was a day of celebration, getting to see the dark knight, Batman.

Brady has been a patient at the children's hospital for about a year, but missed the Halloween festivities last year.

This year, he got to witness it, while in remission from leukemia.

"It's sad to see a lot of the kids here in masks and getting their medicine. To have Brady come in and be healthy and stuff, it's amazing. Our prayers were answered," said Brady's Mom, Angi Mahn.

The feeling in the room was unanimous from all the Toledo Police officers and medical staff. They all knew who the real heroes were.

"The kids are so strong. They're fighters every single day of their life, and that's what they do. They really are the true superheroes," declared Boice.

With the kids not able to go out and trick or treat, they all received candy from the nurses and doctors, while they stood next to their superhero partners.

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