Toledo Police hold first active threat drill

TPD held an active threat drill for the first time (courtesy: NBC24. com).

TOLEDO, OHIO (WNWO)-- In a world where mass shootings are happening more and more frequently.It's important to prepare for any situation. That is why Our Lady of Perpetual Help students and staff spent their afternoon completing an active threat drill with Toledo police. Roughly a dozen officers executed an active shooter situation with mock orange guns.

"[We’re] trying to get ourselves familiar with the schools, the layout of the different schools, as well as getting the kids used to us being in the school,” said Lieutenant Matt Bombrys with the Toledo Police.

OLPH Principal Kari Bonnell said she was hesitant when approached to be the first school in the city to participate in the drill. She realizes it's a sensitive subject for parents.

“If they did not feel comfortable with they had the option at one o clock they could sign their child out."

However, apprehensions aside the school decided to go through with the drill where kids safely evacuated the building.

Before the drill police armed students with information,telling them to stay as calm and use their best judgment.

"If they're not coming into the classroom you’re going to be quiet but when they do try and make entry into the classroom you make the noise so that everyone else around knows where they're at and they can get away," said Lt. Bombrys.

In situations where everything that can go wrong does. TPD says they want kids to take ownership of their safety.

"You empower the teachers or the adult authority in this but you also have to empower or give permission to kids to do it themselves.... to make a decision," said Sgt Greg Mahlman.

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