Toledo school gets $100,000 grant for new fitness center

Student works out in the new fitness center at Glendale-Feilbach Elementary

Staying fit just got a lot easier for students at Glendale-Feilbach Elementary.

The school is one of three in Ohio this year to receive the National Foundation for Governors' Fitness Councils Fitness Center Award.

It's a $100,000 grant for the DON'T QUIT! Fitness Center at the school. It's made possible thanks to public and private donations, without using taxpayer money.

The gym equipment is installed by TuffStuff Fitness.

A room full of energized students were on hand to welcome Jake Steinfeld, the chairman of the foundation and fitness entrepreneur, to the assembly and ribbon cutting ceremony this morning.

Tamara Nelson, the physical education specialist at the school, started applying for the grant in April. She's excited to show off the new equipment that she says will also be a great benefit to special needs students.

"We have a lot of cardio, we have upper body, we have lower body. We can gear the equipment as needed," Nelson said.

The criteria is based partly on financial need, the minority population and the commitment for positive change.

"We are on a road to a journey that will never end I think here at Glendale-Fielbach," Nelson said.

13-year-old student Lacey Eze says working out makes her stronger and more confident.

"I like going to the gym and working out to stay fit, so I'm really happy that I can go for free now during school. It will be way easier to go and have fun and do it with my friends and with my teachers and help other students," Eze said.

Principal Andrew Duncan says this is a huge blessing for the school and community.

"Childhood obesity is a big issue across the country right now, and we want to make sure we model to students the importance of healthy eating and healthy lifestyles so they can stay active and live a full life," Duncan said.

The fitness center will be open to the community after hours.

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