Toledo teens win boxing titles and a spot on Team USA

Bradford and the Jones brother and sister duo pictured after a win (courtesy: Rhoshawn Jones).

Toledo, OH (WNWO)-- Four teens all sharing a love for one special sport--boxing.

Their passion has won them national attention.

"I just feel like the people's champ all these congrats," said 17-year-old Otha Jones.

The teens participated in the 2017 USA Boxing National Championships held in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Fifteen year old Nashae Bradford won a junior title, her brother Otha Jones won a youth title and both 18-year-old Jared Anderson and nineteen year old Oshae Jones won elite national championships.

"It just feels like a big weight off my shoulders, like awe I accomplished something great," said Oshae.

For the Toledo teens this means a spot on team USA, but also a chance to compete with athletes from around the world. Though all on Team USA, it's separated by their ages .

For Jones and Anderson, being elite champions (18 and up) the stakes are a bit higher.

"The youth and the junior is getting ready, like those are the next generation, the come up. The elite is like already to compete at the Olympics," said Jones.

The elite team mebers are old enough to qualify for the Olympics, but before that the teens will have to beat dozens of fighters from across the country.

Each fighter boxes for a different reason.

"I'm not famous yet, I don't have any money so that's what I'm striving for," said Otha Jones,

"I try and be a role model to get the girls to do better things," said Oshae Jones.

For Bradford, it's about continuing family legacy.

"It was intense because my brother had lost and they're like now it's on you Shay, so when I won it felt really good."

Right now, it's still all about training: Oshae and Otha Jones and Bradford at Soul City Gym, Anderson at City Park gym.

It's takes a lot of work to win gold medals, but with help from family friends and coaches the athletes plan to go far.

"The dedication and support, we support one another. When we see a flaw with one, we help out with the other," said Anderson.

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