Toledoans prepare for Friday's winter storm

A worker at Ondrus Hardware helps 76-year-old Jeanne Miller get salt to her car (WNWO).

With the potential for snow and ice, many are preparing for the worst.

"Because if you're not prepared, you're going to be in big trouble."

It's 76-year-old Jeanne Miller's first winter without her husband, and she's making sure she's ready for whatever this weekend's storm brings.

"Shoveling the snow. Just the other day, it was wet, and it was really, really heavy."

She, along with many others, visited Ondrus Hardware in Toledo to get the necessary supplies for Friday's storm, including salt and gloves.

Store Owner Jamie Ondrus has seen a large increase in customers throughout the week, as Toledoans prepare for the ice and snow.

"Probably been up 10% at least every day. I would say mostly rock salt, not shovels yet, because there's no snow. The ice storm was good for business yesterday because of the rock salt."

Ondrus also provided other ideas for anyone looking to be ready for a winter storm, especially when the temperatures begin to drop.

"Heat tapes are a good one, especially in the weather. Mostly just preventative maintenence, I think would be the smart thing to do. Weather stripping and plastic on the windows, taking the garden hoses off the spickets is a good one, too."

As for school tomorrow, Toledo Public Schools will be watching the timing of this storm, and will make a call tomorrow morning by 6.

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