TPD in search of social media followers to bring in a police cat

Toledo Police Chief George Kral is encouraging the public to follow TPD's social media accounts, which could bring the station a cat (WNWO).

A fun little bet between first responders could bring a new addition to Toldeo Police.

After being inspired by the Troy Police Department, TPD is asking for new followers on Instagram and Twitter.

If it reaches its goal, the department will adopt a police cat.may be adopting a cat.

They were challenged by the Toledo Fire Department.

The goal for the bet is 20,000 followers on Twitter, and 3,500 on Instagram.

After being challenged by Toledo Fire, Chief George Kral posted a video of him and "Chase" on all of their social media accounts.

They're partnering with the Toledo Area Humane Society.

Chief Kral believes this will benefit both the humane society and his department.

"It's a win, win. The cat is going to get a nice home. We try to use social media as much as we can at the police department. It just gets a lot of information out quickly to a lot of people. If we can increase our Twitter footprint, Facebook and Instagram, that just means that's 20,000 more people that are getting the information put out right at the moment."

As for the Troy Police Department, it began its search for followers on March 6th and reached the goal of 10,000 yesterday.

If you would like to follow their pages, here are links to their Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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