TPD: Shootout suspects likely involved with other area crime

Three men involved in an officer-involved shootout (

Toledo, OH (WNWO)-- Two men now behind bars for shooting at Police and Officers say they're likely behind other crime in the area.

Wednesday night around 7:30 p.m. Toledo police approached 22-year-old Jayvon Wynne and 26-year-old Richard Morris when the men started shooting.

Officers had to take cover behind their squad cars but did shoot back.

The suspects were hit but will be okay.

There was also a third man arrested- 22-year-old Phillip Overton. He gave himself up immediately. Police were able to confiscate two firearms: a TEC 9 pistol and a FN 5.7 handgun.

" We’re looking at probably six months to a year's worth of old shootings, old felonious assaults that we’re going to try and link up with these suspects from last night," said Police chief George Kral in a Wednesday press conference.

Police say the known gang members had been under surveillance for a while.

Overton is charged with improperly handling a firearm and a motor vehicle.

Morris and Wynee are charged with felonious assault on a police officer.

It's likely they'll face federal charges.

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