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TPD's February report shows a decline in shootings

The City of Toledo saw a decrease in shootings.

TOLEDO, Ohio (WNWO) - If you ask Kathy Molnar about gun violence in Toledo, she would tell you it’s a problem.

“A friend that used to take care of my mother was killed in a shooting,” said Kathy Molnar, a Toledo resident. “I’m devastated, just devastated with the gun violence. They still don’t know who did it and why they did it.”

Back in January, Toledo had a spike in shootings, which was on trend with previous spikes.

"January was not a great month for us, we did see a number of shootings,” said Sergeant Kevan Toney, of the Toledo Police Department.

The latest data from February shows that numbers dropped to single digits.

“In 2016 there were 13 people shot, 2017 there were 14,” said Sgt. Toney. “So down to six is pretty good for February when you look at those numbers historically.”

The Toledo Police Department agrees with Molnar, it’s still too many.

“We have crime analysts that look at every single shooting,” said Sgt. Toney.

After reviewing each case, TPD adjusts where they can and they look to pinpoint problem spots.

“If we can put officers in an area to try and prevent a retaliation shooting, if it is something drug or gang related, that’s what we do,” said Sgt. Toney.

While hot spots can change frequently, they do their best to have more officers in those areas during spikes. They have also implemented under cover surveillance techniques before.

Some Toledo residents don’t see it as a glaring problem.

“I love my city because there’s no other city like it,” said Edward Dixon, a Toledo Resident. “I’ve always felt safe in Toledo, always.”

But most can agree that TPD is taking good action to fight the numbers.

“I think TPD does an awesome job,” said Molnar.

“They make sure all the kids are getting to school safely, make sure we can pump our gas safely,” said Dixon.

Sgt. Toney said safety is always a top priority and they want to continue bringing those numbers down.

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