TPS among many large Ohio cities to get an "F" from state report card

    TPS receives an F in state report card, but says this does not accurately represent the district (WNWO).

    TOLEDO, Ohio (WNWO) -- Report cards are in, and Toledo Public Schools did not receive a passing grade.

    The Ohio Department of Education released their grades for all districts in the state Thursday.

    The schools were graded on six specific categories: achievement, progress, gap closing, graduation rate, improving at-risk K-3 readers and prepared for success.

    TPS received an F overall, but district leaders said their progress shows otherwise.

    "I think if you look into the school as well as the parents as well as their own children, I think many of them would tell you my child is not failing and nor do I think my school is failing, I think you recognize that you have various families that come from various aspects of the community," said Dr. Romules Durant, Toledo Public Schools superintendent.

    TPS credits their increase in graduation rates and cites challenges such as poverty, stating 2,400 of their students are homeless and 400 are in foster care.

    "You'll recognize that in our district but as well in many others who have like demographic similarities you'll see the same portrayal of those things there as well," said Durant.

    In comparison to other districts in large cities across Ohio, the overall grades are similar.

    Cleveland , Columbus and Dayton city school districts all received an overall F as well. Cincinnati City Schools received a D.

    TPS does acknowledge there is work to be done.

    "TPS is moving the needle, it's not to the point we want it to be, but we will continue to make that growth and we are on the cusp in terms of those indicators of moving those grades," said James Gault, Toledo Public Schools executive transformational leader of curriculum and instruction.

    To compare to other schools in the area, Perrysburg and Ottawa Hills both received A's, Maumee and Sylvania received B's, Oregon and Springfield Local received C's and Fremont received a D.

    TPS said income plays a large factor in these results, and says the state recognizes that the letter grade doesn't translate to represent the diversity between districts.

    "The report card isn't a reflection of the district, again the state, you can do the research in regards to the state superintendent as well as the board, recognizes that it's not a fair assessment of schools, and so what's in that, that's why we show the evidence and show the data so be able to say in your eyes does that look like a failing school in essence of things that were doing," said Durant.

    To view your districts grade or others around the state visit

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