TPS holds State of the District Address


TOLEDO, OH (WNWO) - Toledo Public Schools held it’s State of the District tonight. This comes following a failing rating from the state last month. Despite the districts poor rating, both school officials and parents said they felt excited by the direction the school is heading.

Officials say they’ve made big strides in the past 4 years.

“Some people forget in regards to the 100-million dollars that were cut and all the things that were cleaned out of the district that we had to re-build from," explained Toledo Public Schools Superintendent, Dr. Romules Durant. "And more importantly, talk about not only the rebuilding but the growth that we’ve had is significant.”

And while the school’s overall grade is still “F,” some of the numbers do show improvement.

Durant continued, “when you’re talking about out AP, our college-credit plus. If you’re talking about our honor’s diploma, and even if you’re talking about our graduation rate. You know, some people are like ‘you’ve got a certain rate of graduation,’ but we went up from a 63% to a 72%”

The State of the District Address focused on the programs that TPS is hoping will further their improvement. Programs such as preschool, career tech programs, and internships with local businesses.

So what’s the overarching message?

“The overarching message is that TPS is doing a lot of great things," said Durant. "We have one of the most challenging environments in what we have to work with. And we’re providing intervention as well as prevention measures.”

And the parents and loved ones of TPS students are taking note.

Kenneth Peterson, Grandparent of 10th Grader, said, “I say take advantage of it. I mean people, complaining about what we don’t have but we do have a lot. Lots of things you can take advantage of.”

Jennifer Assaad, Mother of 3rd Grader, added, “It’s kind of like a tennis match almost. The ball’s in our court now. And here’s what we’re showing you and here’s what we’re doing. And with a leader like we have and an administration like we have, that ball’s going to go sailing.”

TPS also has a tax renewal levy on the ballot for this November. They hope it will provide an additional 6.5 million or the next 5 years.

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