Twin Oaks Lanes destroyed by Saturday fire

Twin Oaks Lanes is completely destroyed after a Saturday afternoon fire (WNWO).

It's stood on Sylvania Avenue for more than 70 years, but now, Twin Oaks Lanes is no more.

A fire at the local bowling alley filled Sylvania Avenue with smoke on Saturday, just before 5 p.m.

The blaze was so large they had to pull their crew out of the building.

It had been operating since 1941.

"They took an attack line in through a side door. They were met with heavy fire and started to knock that fire down. They thought they had a good handle on it, but the conditions on the outside of the building that the incident commander saw told a different story. So he made the decision very early on in the fire to pull the firefighters out," said Pvt. Sterling Rahe with the Toledo Fire and Rescue Department.

The bowling alley was torn down by the city Saturday night.

It is now just rubble.

The damage is near $200,000, but fire crew was able to keep the large fire away from any other local structures.

"We set up two ladder trucks, platform trucks that had elevated water streams. We were putting water on the roof area. Part of that is that we had hand lines in the back of the buiding, too, to protect the houses that were back there, along with some garages."

This isn't the first time the bowling alley has made headlines this year.

In April, the owner, Jeff Kuhnle, had Facebook posts come to light, showing racial slurs directed at Muslims.

One post called them "goat lovers."

The fire is currently under investigation.

It is not known how it started at this time.

"They'll take all the components, everything involved with the fire. What they find, physically, if they find any physical evidence, or if it's just ruled accidental, we approach these fires and investigations the same way. We're looking for a cause and an origin."

The positive to come out of the fire was that the bowling alley was not open and nobody was hurt.

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