Two Lucas County Health Organizations to Operate Seperately

Health Organizations to Seperate

The TLC Health Center, a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC), currently operating as part of the Toledo-Lucas County Health Department (TLCHD), will operate as an independent entity.

With this decision in place, the TLCHD will be able to focus on its core mission of public health.

The FQHC will have the operational freedom to make the changes it needs to be financially self-sufficient.

The organization's core mission is to provide quality individualized health services.

Since 2014, the FQHC’s deficits have been subsidized by the TLCHD, including local tax payer dollars.

The decision to form an independent FQHC came after critically analyzing the clinic’s viability and financial stability over the last several years.

Additionally, this is also recognized as a recommendation from the Citizens Task Force formed in 2017 by the City of Toledo and the Lucas County Commissioners.

All TLC Health Center patients will be notified in a timely manner to ensure continuity of care and medical services will remain accessible.

The FQHC will operate at its current location until further notice and the public will be kept informed of any location changes.

TLCHD employees who work in the FQHC will receive layoff notices and the FQHC will make hiring decisions as an independent entity.

The move takes effect on July 1.

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