Undercover sex stings net 18 in Bowling Green

Two undercover sex stings conducted by Bowling Green authorities, the FBI and Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation lead to the arrest of 18 people on Nov. 8.

According to the Wood County Sheriff's Office, 16 individuals were arrested for solicitation-prostitution while two others, 29-year-old Kevin Donaldson and 29-year-old Quincy Edwards, were arrested for human trafficking. Lary LaVigne, one of the men arrested for soliciation, was a girls basketball coach at Swanton Middle School. LaVigne submitted his resignation the same day as the arrest.

All those arrested include:

-Christopher Blanton, 38

-Alan Fritz, 57

-Kevin Neal, 23

-William Wallace, 49

-Joshua McGrew, 27

-Jerome Francis Alt, 50

-William Lehman, 30

-Lary LaVigne, Jr., 55

-Gary Deraad, 42

-James Siebert, 26

-Richard Salajcik, Jr.

-Mark P. Weeks

-Donald R. Wooley

-Lori Cooper, 42

-Kevin Donaldson, 29

-Quincy Edwards, 29

-Charlynn Haynes, 27

-James Wolfenbarger, 38

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