University of Findlay represented in the Super Bowl for the first time

Harold Jones-Quartey was a four year starter at the University of Findlay, before graduating in 2014 (WNWO).

From an an potential Super Bowl Champion.

Harold Jones-Quartey re-signed to the practice squad for the Philadelphia Eagles on January 9th, just in time to watch the Eagles win the NFC Championship.

Four years ago at this time, he was wrapping up his senior year at the University of Findlay.

"He was a great kid to coach, and you saw that passion. You saw that belief, too. He believed he was going to play in the National Football League the day he walked in here," said Head Coach Rob Keys.

This is the first time that the Oilers have produced a player to be a part of a Super Bowl Team, but Head Coach Rob Keys knew he was destined for big things the second he met him.

"Here's this kid, Horizon Science Academy, Columbus Crusaders. He was way overlooked. When he walked in the door, it was like 'wow, this kid's still available.' Not just his physical presence and talent, but what kind of kid he was, he lit up the room."

Despite being on the practice squad, with the unpredictability of football, the 24-year-old from Ghana, Africa is ready for his opportunity to shine on the biggest stage.

"If a safety gets banged up, who knows, Harold might be playing in the Super Bowl."

Coach Keys believes that seeing Jones-Quartey on the Eagles' roster will give even more life to a small Northwest Ohio school that has had recent success.

"It opens the doors, and the eyes of the other kids that we have here because we have a lot of talent here at the university. This past season, we played in the national playoffs and finished in the final 16. A lot of those guys returned. We have some other kids on this team that have the NFL talent, and Harold's opening the door for the scouts to come in and look at these guys, too."

Harold Jones-Quartey is the only Division II football player to be a part of the big game in the entire state of Ohio.

Super Bowl LII kicks off a week from Sunday at 6:30 on NBC 24.

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