Veterans and friends spend Memorial day weekend at the Fallen Timbers Monument

Members pose for the memorial day at the monument celebration (

MAUMEE, OHIO (WNWO)--The Battle of Fallen Timbers was more than 200 years ago, Yet the memory of the conflict and Northwest Ohio's own role in US history is still significant for many, like Willis Beck.

He served as a marine during the Korean war from 1953-1957. Though his life travels took him across the world,it's the history in the place he calls home that draws him the most, with one statue in particular being at the forefront. the Anthony Wayne memorial, which Beck says he has been coming to since he was a child. The memorial stands as a reminder for the battle of fallen timbers which took place on august 20, 1794.It was the last great conflict of the northwest Indian war, defining what we now know as the United states.

"It's not every day you have British and Native warriors and Canadian militia who died on a battlefield right in our backyard," said Julia Wiley with the Fallen Timbers Battlefield Commission.

"This battle created what is now the state of Ohio, Indiana,what is now Wisconsin, and Minnesota," said Jamie Oxendine of Black Swamp Intertribal foundation.

For the 5th year the Commission has hosted a memorial day ceremony. Troops from all sides were honored with wreaths and flags commemorating their bravery, native pipes, and drums and even special words from Toledo mayor wade Kapszukiewicz.

"When people in our lives who are special and make great contributions die, we want to remember them," said the mayor.

The ceremony honored the brave men and women killed in the line of duty, bringing all soldiers to the forefront, including those who may not have received due recognition.

"As a native american remembering this battle is very very important. You have to remember for almost 200 years we were completely forgotten yet we were a part of the battle that the Americans were fighting," said Oxendine.

The battle of fallen timbers was more than 200 years ago, but this memorial day weekend the memories of what happened are still fresh. For those in attendance, they'll make sure they're never forgotten.

"When you retire you need a good hobby and history seems to be a good hobby," said Beck.

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