Vietnam veterans honor fallen brothers at the memorial wall

Toledo, OH - The Traveling Vietnam Memorial Wall has been erected in International Park on the banks of the Maumee River to pay tribute to these fallen heroes.

More than 52,000 names are etched into the black panels of the traveling tribute.

Veterans and volunteers help construct the wall, and many came to see the names of friends he lost in the war.

"I got a couple buddies who's names are on this wall and it means a lot to me," says retired Army Specialist Robert Schuerman.

Robert recalls the hardships that create a bond between the men who serve, and says that's why so many showed up to lend a hand.

"These are all people that have been there," says Schuerman, "And I bet if you ask anybody, it's because they respect the people that are on [this wall]."

While putting up the wall, stories like Robert's are everywhere you turn.

Veterans are subject to sights and experiences most of us never have to witness.

"It's very hard for me to discuss some of the things that happened to us over there," says Edward Hart, also a retired Army Specialist.

While trying to learn the stories of these men who served their country, often it's a wound not easily opened.

"I'm going to break down here and I don't want to do that," says Hart.

In each other, these veterans find understanding. Edward and Robert have never met before today, but they all have this wall in common, and that binds them.

"We're not friends we're brothers here," says Hart.

The wall will be available 24 hours a day through Sunday for viewing. After that it's going to pack up and be moved to it's next stop in Hutchinson, Kansas.

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