Volunteers deliver free Thanksgiving meals

WNWO - Kim Maddalena and Mike Garber deliver Thanksgiving meals.

TOLEDO - Volunteers spent part of their Thanksgiving cooking, packing and delivering meals to nearly 900 families in need throughout the community.

This is the sixth year Cherry Street Mission Ministries has teamed up with Real Seafood Company to make this happen.

The food is prepared in the restaurant's kitchen.

"It means a lot to me," said Desiree Sanders.

She can't get out much, but thanks to the mission she enjoyed a meal with her son.

"I really appreciate their hard work, and I wish somebody would do something nice for them," Sanders said.

Kim Maddalena and Mike Garber delivered Desiree's Thanksgiving feast.

"Just making our hearts feel good, third year doing it and we enjoy it very much," Maddalena said.

"A lot of smiles. Everybody is very happy when we come to the door and very grateful that we've made that delivery," Garber said.

"I've got seven grandkids here today, so everybody is chipping in," restaurant owner Mike Gibbons said. "They have fun. They love doing it. They love going out and waiting on tables and talking to people."

Max Lambdin with Cherry Street Mission Ministries says they will serve nearly 20,000 meals this week.

"A lot of times we get to come in and have a conversation with them, maybe say a prayer with them together and just talk about their day."

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