Volunteers shop for kids in need

Sailor Simone Gomez checks over toys to make sure their a prime pick.

Toledo, Ohio (WNWO)-"It was December 21st they were on their way back and the toll roads were icy they spun out..."

In 2008 Kelly' Sporleder's son Lance Corporal Kyle Sporleder was killed in a head on collision car accident.

To honor Kyle, who was a marine, she hosts family night. It's a community fundraiser for the toys for tots organization—where her son used to volunteer.

"I remember him coming home and saying how pleased he was and how happy it made him to see all the toys coming in."

Through family night Sporleder was able to collect more than $4,000 dollars for the local marine Corps who are using their expertise to shop for kids in need.

Jesse Villa has been in the marines for 7 years.This isn't his first year shopping for kids, but it'll be his first time shopping having his own child.

"She's only about to be 2 months."

Sailor Simone Gomez has a bit more experience during her 3rd year shopping.

"I'm going to get some of these, girls love horses," said Gomez who has a teen daughter.

Sixty percent of all toys handed out for toys for tots are purchased by marines.

"We do numerous toy buys around the town surrounding counties to not only boost local business but give back to the same community in which we try to reach," said Staff Sergeant David Stoll.

The organization has been around since 1947, but there's something different that brings everyone back to help.

"There's something special about sitting there with your family Christmas night looking back on everything you've done over the past 45 days and thinking to yourself how much difference you've made," said Stoll.

For Villa it's about getting involved in the community.

"Marines just don't serve overseas, they also do things here back at home."

For Gomez, its when they toys are actually given to kids.

"To see, the parent saying thank you and the gratitude that's kind of the bonus"

It takes many volunteers and a lot of hard work to make Toys for Tots happen.

For those like Sporleder, the work is worth it to make the season bright.

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