Voters decide against issue 10

Issue 10 has failed according to voters (

Lucas County, Ohio (WNWO)-- Lucas County Voters have ruled against issue 10 with 50 percent of voters voting against the bond issue. The levy would have generated $185 million for a new Lucas County jail and a rehabilitative solutions center.

However, it appeared taxpayers did not buy into the property tax of 1.37 mills, costing about $5 for someone with a $200,000 home.

The Issue remains, the current Lucas County Jail is falling apart. Supporters for keeping the jail downtown agree it needs renovations but they say the commissioners suggested $185 million was just too much.

"There was never a doubt," said Mary Dutkowski with the keep the jail downtown group. "The people of Lucas County feel we do not need a jail of that magnitude, a levy that cost, or a length of that time. The jail belongs downtown."

Eary Tuesday Commissioners commented said if issue 10 did noy pass, they were still adamant on keeping the jail at Alexis and Detroit .

They say they’ll now look at other funds, possibly looking from funds from the state to try and make up the money.

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