What's next with the Lucas County jail

Voters opted not to pass Issue 10, a levy that would have generated $185 million for a new jail. Now commissioners say it's back to the drawing board.

Toledo, Ohio (WNWO)-- Funding for a new jail was not approved by voters in Lucas County.

"The voters of Lucas County have spoken resoundedly, they do not agree with the commisisoners plan to build a new jail and solutions center," said Pete Gerken, Lucas County Board of County Commissioners .

The levy would have generated 180 million dollars for a new jail. But, that won't stop commissioners from trying again. Gerken says they are still looking to build a new jail, but say taxpayers won't see a tax issue on another ballot.

They instead will be going to the state to ask the new governor. They're also meeting to talk about various other ways to collaborate. As for the location,Gerken says Comissioners are adamant about keeping the proposed Detroit and Alexis Road location.They claim to purchase the additional land neede ddowntown to even consider a new jail site would cost an additional tweny million.

As for supporters for the Lucas Coutny jail, they're still looking for Toledo City Council's support. Advocates have championed to keep the jail downtown, citing keeping costs low and nearby resources.

"If they book somebody and then they take them to the jail those officers would have to go back downtown to the safety building to do all their paperwork," said Dan Warner a member with the Keep the jail downtown.

"There's so much logistics involved to it. "

Commissioners have not given a definite no but are adamant about keeping the location at Detroit and Alexis.

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