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Whiteford elementary students lend a helping hand

Whiteford students create list of donation items.

SYLVANIA, Ohio (WNWO) - The fourth graders at Whiteford Elementary School in Sylvania are giving back to the community. The students, with the help of teachers, decided to collect supplies for the Toledo Area Humane Society after seeing their wish list online.

“It’s good for the dogs and cats to have some love too, they need help too,” said Gabrielle Parker, a fourth grader at Whiteford.

Everything from blankets, to food and even some toys were donated.

“It made me feel really good, because some of them don’t have any homes,” said Anthony Pedro, another fourth grade student.

It's part of a school mission to do one big kindness event each month.

“It gives us an opportunity to help them fulfill Sylvania schools vision of contributing to society, in meaningful and compassionate ways,” said Principal Andrew Duncan.

The Toledo Area Humane Society was surprised by the generous donation. Especially because they rely on donations.

“It was nice to help people in my community and in my area,” said Ani Boman, a fourth grade student.

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