Whitehouse speed limits set to change after traffic study

Whitehouse will now have a 45 mph speed limit when you come into town on the east side of State Route 64 (WNWO).

If you come into Whitehouse on State Route 64 from the east side, you see a 35 miles per hour sign. That is not the enforceable speed limit.

That was set in the village in 1987.

According to ODOT, that is not the correct speed limit. It said it should be 50 miles per hour.

So last year, Whitehouse paid for a study to look at the average speed of drivers in that area.

"Immediately, we got in contact with ODOT, we hired a third party to do a speed and traffic study, and of course, we talked with our legal department to get everybody together and make sure everything is right," said City Administrator, Jordan Daugherty.

The results are now set.

From Steve Rogers Ford to Whitehouse Square Boulevard, it will be 45 miles per hour.

It will be 40 from Whitehouse Square to Gilead Street.

Downtown from Gilead to Merritt, it will be only 25.

Then, Merritt to just west of Industrial Drive, it goes back up to 40.

"It's officially journalized. We have an agreement now with ODOT, with their sign program, so they're going to install all the signs. I believe they're slated to place the signs in the first week of July," said Daugherty.

What about speeding tickets issued in that controversial zone?

Police Chief Mark McDonough says he's told officers to only write people up who are going over 50.

"The first thing I did was get a hold of our legal department. I let them know. They came up with the protocol that if anybody did receive any tickets to let my agency know, and then I would forward that information on to legal. Of course, we would make it right, accordingly."

Isaiah Bayly drives the highway every day during the summer.

He's glad to finally see it set at the right speed.

"It's a nice split between the two. I think 50 might have been a little fast for that road, but I think 35 is a little slow. So I think 45 is a good even number."

If you got a ticket for going over 35, contact the village's legal department.

The new signs should be up in a couple weeks.

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