Woman discovers Toledo girl who escaped home captivity

Karen Loudermill was at her job cleaning offices at the Port Authority Building along Water Street late Wednesday night. (WNWO)

TOLEDO, Oh. (WNWO) -- The good Samaritan who a 13-year-old girl has to thank for helping to save her from her family's shackles says she wants to continue to help.

Toledo Police: 13-year-old held captive, shackled in basement for a year

Karen Loudermill was at her job cleaning offices at the Port Authority Building along Water Street late Wednesday night when she walked behind the building and saw two co-workers pointing to a girl carrying a backpack and two smaller bags. The girl had ratted hair and clothes, and was eating a Honey Bun.

Depsite her co-workers saying that everything was probably fine, Karen walked up to the girl who then appeared to get nervous. Karen asked her if she ran away from home and where her parents were, to which the girl replied that she had a mom and dad "but he's not my biological dad. Mom is in Las Vegas."

When asked if her parents treated her poorly, the girl said, "We on a point system. 50 points, get punished, shackled to basement." She said she has lived in the home with her step-father since 2012.

When Karen noticed the shackles on her feet, the girl said that if her step-father found out she was gone, she'd be in more trouble. Karen convinced the girl to come inside the building. That's when Karen called Timothy Ciboro, the girl's step-father. According to Karen, he said, "I'll call you back" in a very hurried voice and immediately hung up the phone.

VIDEO: Janitor helps save Toledo teen held captive by her family

The girl told Karen that she doesn't go to school and that she ate tuna fish and dry macaroni for every meal. She said that her step-brother, Esten Ciboro, also punishes her when she is shackled in the basement. When she asked the girl if she was raped or molested, Karen say the girl hesitantly said no.

Other children in the home weren't punished as highly or kept in the basement, according to the girl, but they also ate tuna and macaroni.

Family of teen police say held captive flown 'under the radar'

Toledo police say that the girl is now in the care of Lucas County Children Services, along with her brother and sister, who were taken from the home when Timothy and Esten were arrested early Thursday morning.

Karen, who will likely be asked to appear in court at a later date, says she just wants to stay in touch with the girl and help her recover. She says she wants to "be her friend for life."

Timothy and Esten Ciboro are each being held in the Lucas County Jail on $500,000 bond.

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