Woman's death after jail stay prompts questions from her family

Lisa McCray pictured .

Toledo, Ohio (WNWO)-- "She helped people, she had a lot of love, she volunteered," said Horace McCray describing his daughter Lisa McCray.

It was months ago when he last saw his daughter alive. She was supposed to come over the next day after Thanksgiving but on Friday, after a few hours at a stay at the Lucas County jail , McCray was pronounced dead.

"They murdered my daughter in jail," said her father.

Thanksgiving night McCray, her mother and her long time partner Danielle Belfield went to the casino. Belfield and McCray were asked to leave because they were drunk.

According to court documents McCray had "slurred speech and was heard "screaming outside of the casino." She and Belfield were arrested for disorderly conduct and public intoxication.

While her father acknowledges McCray's behavior, he believes Officers provoked the couple.

"They were looking for a reaction so they could haul the lesbians off to jail," said Mr. McCray and alleges Officers wanted to exert authority over the women.

The two were were booked into the Lucas County jail. At first they were held in the same cell, but McCray was later moved.

"There was some type of disruption from the cell that she was in, then the booking personnel made the decision to separate her," said Captain Richard Grove of the Lucas County Sheriff's Office. He says that McCray was separated from Belfield after a few hours, but Mr. McCray disagrees with law enforcement's account and said Belfield recalled a different story.

"They got arrested together and separated immediately and later Dani heard Lisa's screams and she called out for help and nobody came."

The Sheriff's office says McCray had a conversation with a sergeant who then left. That was the last time she was seen conscious.

" After that conversation, Mrs. McCray about a minute, minute and a half later takes the phone cord inside the module where she is housed and subsequently attempt to commit suicide with it ."

McCray says he has many questions surrounding his daughter's death. He wants to know what took place during the conversation with authorities and also wants to see the footage from both body and surveillance cameras. He also wants the officers involved to be investigated and questions if they used proper deescalation techniques.

"Have you questioned your male officers about their behavior and their fitness for the job?" said Mr. McCray regarding to his questions of the department.

Mr. McCray says he had no prior reason to believe his daughter would commit suicide and wants answers.

While the Lucas County Sheriff's Office is investigating, currently the y have no evidence showing the Officers involved acted incorrectly.

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