Wood County Sheriff's Office increasing patrol for New Year's

The Wood County Sheriff's Office will increaswe their patrol during the New Year's holiday (WNWO).

A blitz of patrol officers in Wood County will begin on late Sunday night, in hopes of stopping drivers under the influence, and NBC 24 got a first hand look at what the sheriff's office will be looking for this holiday season.

"We try and put extra patrol, especially on the main roads. You'll see a lot of increase with the holidays. OVI's up, especially during the holiday time. With the roads, how they are with ice and snow, take the extra precaution. That's why we have the extra staff out patrolling the roads," said Deputy Tyler Petree.

Thanks to grant from the Ohio Traffic Safety Office., the increased patrol will be seen from January 1st until January 2nd. Deputies will look closely at driving under the influence, failure to yield and speeding.

If they notice these signs, don't be surprised to see the flashing lights behind your vehicle.

"Even though the speed limit says 55, slow it down. Go ten miles per hour under. There's no point of going over the speed limit or the speed limit, especially with how the roads are. Then, you throw in people that are OVI and drinking and driving. It just makes the situation that much worse," exclaimed Petree.

The New Year's holiday is known to be a big night of celebration and partying. The Wood County Sheriff's Office just wants drivers to get home safe. Deputy Tyler Petree had some advice for anyone looking to drink and travel this holiday season.

"A few of the options you can do is call for a ride. Especially with the technology we have today, we have Uber, Lyft, or call a friend. There's so many more options compared to what they used to have back then that you're able to save yourself and save other people."

According the the state highway patrol, three crashes involving impaired drivers resulted in four deaths in Ohio last year's New Year's holiday.

To date in 2017, 341 people have died in the state from OVI related accidents.

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