Worley makes comment about interrupted sleep on day 4 of Sierah Joughin murder trial

James Worley appears in court (

WAUSEON, OHIO (WNWO)-- On Thursday , James Worley spoke aloud in the Fulton County Courthouse. He's the man on trial for capital murder in the death of Sierah Joughin back in July 2016.

Court Officials say in court Worley spoke to the Judge, saying being repeatedly woken up at Corrections Center of NW Ohio for breakfast and medication was impacting his sleep patterns. Court employees also told NBC 24 Worley has made comments before about the type of food served at CCNO and the tightness of his shackles.

He said he wants to pay attention in court, but it's been some long days. The jury selection process wrapped up after 8 on Wednesday.

Fewer than 100 potential jurors remain. The defense and prosecution will use Friday to prepare for the final Voir Dire questioning process.

Individual questioning will continue Monday. If the jury of 18 is seated, it's projected opening statements will begin that afternoon.

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