Young girl dies after dry-wall sheets collapse on her

City of Tiffin. (WNWO)

Residents in Tiffin are still trying to wrap their heads around what happened to an 8-year-old girl.

"The realization that their child has passed away and in this case it wasn't a traffic accident, it wasn't an illness, it was a tragic accident that just happened," said Chief Fredrick Stevens with Tiffin Police.

Tiffin FIRE and EMS responded to a 9-1-1 call of an 8-year-old girl that was unresponsive at around 10 a.m. Monday.

Officers arrived on scene and took over CPR from an uncle who was trying to save the young girl.

According to police, she had woken up early Monday to play with some baby kittens that were in the garage.

Police say somehow multiple sheets of drywall fell on top of the young girl, crushing her.

"Each individual sheet is pretty heavy for an adult, it takes two people to carry. It took two full grown adults to get seven of them off of her to get her out from underneath it," said Chief Stevens.

She was taken to Tiffin Mercy Hospital where ER staff worked to revive her... but couldn't.

Police say initial investigation points to an apparent accident for the girl and her family.

"They processed the scene, took pictures, talked to all the family members that were there and at this point everything just points to being a tragic accident," said Chief Stevens.

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