Zeiler's Market officially closing after over 70 years of service

Bedford's Zeiler's Farm Market will officially close on Sunday, April 8th (WNWO).

In what began as a stand on the side of the road in the 1940s, Zeiler's Farm Market announced via Facebook that this would be the final week they were in business.

"It's very sad. They've been in business for a long time and they've been doing the right things for so long. I've got family that's across the road, and this was the place to come for food and drinks for any special occasion," said Toledo Resident, Matt Matey.

Owner Jason Jindo made the announcement on social media, stating the business did not experience the growth it needed.

Jindo has owned the business since May of 2015, but it has been an uphill battle since then.

"It's been an underdog for awhile. After it closed the first time, I feel like nobody really expected it to be quite what it was. I think we exceeded what people thought it would be, but it's just not quite where it needs to be to keep the store open," exclaimed Store Manager, Haley Browning.

Between its current owner and the Zeiler family that owned it previously, it has seemed to leave a lasting impression on the customers.

"It really probably impacted a lot of people, like me, doing things like a penny candy sale in my ice cream parlor. It was definitely because of them, so who knows who else they touched up there," said Toledo Resident, Valorie Clemens.

The official last day will be next Sunday, April 8th. The next week will feature discounts of up to 50% off everything in the store, besides liquor.

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