Donald Trump releases health information, tells Dr. Oz he takes meds for high cholesterol

This image released by Sony Pictures Entertainment shows Dr. Oz, left, and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump during a taping of "The Dr. Oz Show," in New York. The show will air on Thursday, Sept. 15. (Sony Pictures Entertainment via AP)

WASHINGTON (Sinclair Broadcast Group) - Donald Trump told talk show host Dr. Mehmet Oz he's healthy and fit to serve as president, speaking about his health and noting he's on medication to fight high cholesterol in an interview airing Thursday.

Releasing a letter detailing a recent physical exam Thursday, Trump's doctor, Dr. Harold Bornstein, wrote that the Republican presidential nominee is 6'3" and weighs 236 pounds.

"It's really brought my cholesterol down into a good range," Trump said of his prescription on "The Dr. Oz Show."

In a taped segment set to air Thursday, Dr. Oz said he wanted to go over a checklist with Trump that he called "a review of systems," which he said is typical of doctors who assess new patients.

The candidate said he hasn't had head, neurological, thyroid, blood sugar, or heart problems. He also said he's never had cancer.

Trump says he stays out of the sun, but he wears a hat if he does venture outside.

"People are amazed, because I don't get much with the colds, sometimes in the spring or fall I get a little hay fever, and that comes and goes," Trump explained, saying it was much worse when he was younger.

"This is in a way, going to see my doctor, just a little bit public."

Dr. Oz asked if the GOP nominee found it hard to stay healthy on the campaign trail.

"Well it's a lot of work," Trump responded.

"I guess in it's own way, it's a pretty healthy act," he said of speaking in front of crowds in what he described as hot rooms.

"I really enjoy doing it. A lot of times these rooms are very hot, like saunas, and I guess that's a form of exercise."

According to the medical release, Trump was last hospitalized at 11 years old.

Hillary Clinton released a two-page document on her health Wednesday, stating she is "fit to serve as President of the United States," after her pneumonia diagnosis.

The letter from Dr. Lisa Bardack summarizes her treatment of Clinton since the campaign first released health records last summer.

Bardack provided specific information about Clinton's medical care in the days before and after the former secretary of state collapsed outside a 9/11 memorial service Sunday.

"Mrs. Clinton has since been evaluated by me several times and continues to improve," she said. Clinton is returning to the campaign trail Thursday after a few days of rest.

The doctor described all of the medications Clinton is currently taking, including blood thinners and treatment for hypothyroidism. Clinton's lab tests and physical exam were "normal," she said, and Clinton is "in excellent medical condition."

Neither candidate has indicated that they intend to release any further medical information at this time.

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