Hancock County Sheriff's Office reaches fundraising milestone for 'The Boot Project'

The Hancock County Sheriff's Department announced Wednesday that a major milestone has been reached for a fundraiser attempting to keep school children safe.

"The Boot Project" is a fundraising effort that would allow every classroom in the northwest Ohio county to be fitted with The BOOT. The BOOT is a product that allows a room to be locked so a class can shelter in place in the event of an active shooter.

The sheriff's office says they have raised $100,000 of their $420,000 goal thanks to a $50,000 from Marathon Petroleum Corporation.

“The community support behind this project has been inspiring,” said Sheriff Michael Heldman. “Our children deserve to learn in an environment where they feel safe. Our school administrators work hard to provide a great education and we as a community need to work together to make sure they are safe there. Thank you to everyone who have contributed this far. We still have away to go, but I know together we can do it.”

The BOOT can withstand 16,000 pounds of pressure and works on all doors with a simple one-step engagement. It can be activated by anyone, including young children.

Our goal is to place The BOOT in every classroom and administrative office in all Findlay City, Hancock County, private and parochial schools – a total of 1,871 doors at a project cost of $420,000 – and we have set an aggressive goal of completing the installation by the end of the 2016-17 school year.

To learn more about the project or to make a donation, visit the Hancock County Sheriff's Department Crime Prevention website.

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