Police monitoring ‘Wheels Up, Guns Down’ demonstration

Police monitoring ‘wheels up guns down’ demonstration. (WPEC)

Florida troopers are out in full force today cracking down on reckless drivers who participate in the annual Martin Luther King Junior ride.

That’s when dirt bike and ATV riders put on daring demonstrations to protest gun violence and civil rights.

We spoke to a resident who has two kids that like to play in the front yard.

He worries about his children’s safety when dirt bikes come by, something he wants to be stopped.

“They scare my children,” James Seneca said.

Seneca says his two-year-old is terrified when he hears dirt bikes and ATVs drive down their neighborhood street.

“When he hears the motorcycle, he doesn’t know which way to run. He could just run right out in the road,” Seneca said.

Seneca says often the dirt bike riders blow through stop signs.

“Even though these things are not street legal, which is another fact, you have to obey the law itself. You have signs that say stop, you have lights that are red, come on, it doesn’t take a genius to know you may be hit once,” Seneca said.

And a rider has already been hurt in Miami-Dade over the weekend.

After the ATV driver collided with a driver.

And it’s not uncommon for the rides to get rowdy.

In this video released, you can see when an officer showed up at a gas station in Miami Gardens, the ATVs, and dirt bikes sped off.

But some riders stayed behind and hassled the officer’s car.

Riders from across the country come down to South Florida to participate in Wheel Up Guns Down, a demonstration to spread awareness about gun violence and civil rights on Martin Luther King Junior Day.

So far law enforcement issued dozens of tickets to the illegal riders.

But Seneca says there should be better enforcement.

“It should be a year-round thing, it’s breaking the law,” Seneca said.

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