Thanksgiving fundraiser raises over $6,000 for Thomas Brown's Family

Perryton Smokehouse Restaurant Thanksgiving fundraiser raises over $6,000 for Thomas Brown's Family. (ABC 7 Amarillo- Jala Washington).

A line nearly out the door of folks showing up to donate and enjoy Thanksgiving food for a cause, makes for a special Thanksgiving day for Thomas Brown's family.

"It's always overwhelming when you see this many people come out and be supportive," Thomas Brown's mother, Penny Meek said.

In being overwhelmed with love, Meek says there's still sadness, as today marks the second Thanksgiving without Thomas.

"I don't even know how we've gotten this far, I don't know how we've gone from one day to the next," Meek said.

Though it hasn't been easy, Thomas Brown's Aunt, Barbara Palmer says staying united as a family helps get them through.

"We're tight with love and we're tight with hope," Palmer said. "we'll keep hoping until we can't hope anymore."

Continuous community support is what keeps Thomas Brown's family thankful.

"To see the people that have come to bless us, and to bless Tom, it's almost to where you can't talk about it, because you just feel so grateful and so blessed that these people care," Palmer said.

Meek says being thankful in any situation is possible.

"We don't have to be thankful that Tom isn't with us, but we can still be thankful in our circumstance," Meek said. "We're very thankful that Oralia and the smokehouse would do this for us."

Oralia Tarango, owner of Perryton's Smokehouse Restaurant says this fundraiser is their way of giving thanks.

"The community has blessed us, so every Thanksgiving, it's our turn to bless a family," Tarango said.

Moving forward, Thomas Brown's family says they'll continue to count their blessings, today on Thanksgiving day, and everyday.

"I am thankful for grace, and I am thankful for hope, because without either one of those, I think we'd all pretty much be lost," Palmer said.

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