Rhode Island gubernatorial candidate challenges mayor with chicken outfit

    GOP candidate Patricia Morgan poses with a person in a chicken suit. (WJAR)

    A Rhode Island gubernatorial candidate has brought a campaign volunteer in a chicken suit to challenge a rival to debate.

    Republican Patricia Morgan visited Cranston City Hall on Wednesday to personally challenge Mayor Allan Fung to a series of primary debates. She did not go alone. Morgan took "Al the Debate Chicken," who was a volunteer dressed in a chicken suit.

    Morgan has repeatedly faulted Fung for his refusal to participate in the typical pre-primary debates that take place for gubernatorial campaigns.

    A spokesman for Fung's campaign says the candidate has agreed to debate on Woonsocket-based WNRI radio's "The John DePetro Show" on Aug. 31. He did not address the appearance of the chicken at the mayor's office.

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