Could the next vice president be from Ohio?

Some suggest the next vice president of the United States will come from Ohio.

Will the next vice president come from Ohio?

Political experts and analysts, even a former VP, suggest Ohio will not only play its traditional role in deciding the next president -- but the Buckeye state might produce the next vice president.

Dan Quayle, second-in-command to George H.W. Bush, chimed in on the Today show last week.

"Rob Portman," he suggested without hesitation. "The senator from Ohio. He's a great choice. A man of stature, substance. You pick him, you say that is the way he is going to govern. Rob Portman."

Portman's democratic colleague from Ohio, Sen. Sherrod Brown is also being discussed as a potential VP choice of Hillary Clinton, should she get the nomination.

Sunday on CNN's State of the Union, Brown was asked about it again.

"I love the job I'm doing," he said with a smile. "My priorities are to continue to fight for manufacturing in my state and for jobs and healthcare and deal with lead issues in my beloved city of Cleveland where I live. And every other city in the industrial midwest. I will put real effort into helping elect Hillary Clinton. As I said, I love this job, and I'm just not going to give you a different answer."

Portman has been equally as dismissive of the number two job in the White House. Speculation around him being attached to a Trump presidency has been fueled by the fact that he, unlike many republicans, has come out in support of Trump.

"I've said from the start, the last year, I intend to support the republican nominee and that's Donald Trump, now."

There are some political analysts who suggest Gov. John Kasich may also be under consideration by Trump. Kasich was the final GOP contender to drop out of the presidential race.

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