Reaction to proposed Docks deal

There is mixed reaction to the proposed sale of the Docks in East Toledo to a Chinese company. On Tuesday morning Mayor Mike Bell announced that the city has entered into a contract to sell the property to the Dashing Pacific Group for $2,150,000. Councilman Michael Collins wonders if the city could get more for the property. "In order to do this we have to do comparables; I think we have to find out what other properties have sold for and whether the purchase price is fair and equitable," Mr. Collins said. Over the course of Tuesday Toledo citizens were sounding off about the proposed deal on internet web sites with many people expressing their opposition to the property being sold to a foreign company. In his morning press conference Mayor Bell addressed that issue. "We in the city of Toledo have to become more international and that will be the focus of this administration to bring business investment to Toledo from all over the world," Mayor Bell said. The Docks in East Toledo are located in the district of city councilman Mike Craig. Councilman Craig sees quick changes to the property once the sale is approved. "I would'nt be surprised if the two empty pads do not have tenants by the summer," Mr. Craig said. The Toledo City Council will hold a hearing on the proposed deal on Tuesday, February 1 and a full up or down vote will take place on Tuesday, February 8.
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