Game Time! (12/8/11)

It's that time again, Game Time!

Eric Haubert and Andre Savage setting up and knocking down their three points every Thursday:

Point #1 - From field to court

The Whitmer High School basketball team got a big win in their season opener over Southview. Given how deep a run the football team made in the playoffs, the football players who play basketball only had two practices before the win. How does that happen?

Point #2 - Getting better without your best?

The UT women's basketball team lost their best player for the year when Naama Shafir tore her ACL a couple of weeks ago. However, they have won back-to-back games and look solid even without their leader. Who is responsible for this?

Point #3 - Up in Smoke

Rogers High School alum and Washington Redskins tight end Fred Davis, was suspended for the rest of the NFL season for reportedly failing multiple drug tests. Published reports say the reason for the failure was marijuana. Is this an NFL problem or a Fred Davis problem?

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