Anna Campos: In a Pool of Her Own

Anna Campos

Waite High School's Anna Campos is creating her own path in the world of diving.

The lone diver in all of Toledo Public Schools, Campos has qualified for the state final each of the past three years. As a senior, she'll look to make that four next month.

She trains at St. Francis de Sales High School in Toledo. Alongside her coach, Allison Belcher, and three other divers from various schools, Campos stands out on the springboard.

“She is one of the most dedicated people I know," said Belchert. "If I ask her to jump, she'll just tell me 'how high'. She's one of the hardest working divers that I've ever had."

Campos continues to learn new dives before the state event. However, that doesn't mean she isn't slightly afraid of the process.

"As I went on, the dives got harder and so I had to really focus and tell myself you need to do this," said Campos. "As soon as you do them, your fear gets over them and it's such a rush so I think it's fun."

After finishing eighth last year at the state event, both Campos and Belcher are confident she can do even better. The road to her final dive begins in February.

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