US leading in medal-count standings at Rio Games

US leading in medal-count standings at Rio Games (MGN)

The medal race at the Rio Games will likely remain close going into the final weekend. For second place, that is.

The U.S. - which has left the last five Summer Games with more medals than any other country - is about to make it six in a row. With a handful of events left Tuesday night, the U.S. had 83 medals, 33 more than Britain and 34 more than China.

VIDEO | Medal Count: USA, China top two in Rio medal count

Take away the games that dealt with boycotts in 1980 and 1984, and the Americans are on pace for the biggest medal-count romp since outdistancing host Sweden by 40 medals at the Stockholm Games in 1948.

There's no shortage of reasons why.

Russia's Olympic team surely is missing some medal contenders because of the sanctions and fallout that came after a state-sponsored doping program was brought to light. China won 100 medals in Beijing eight years ago and 89 more at London 2012, though has struggled - by its recent standards, anyway - in Rio.

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