Giving the gift of hearing


There are many people here in Toledo and across the globe that only can't hear, but can't afford the help they need to try and fix the problem.

For nearly a decade, 68-year old Judy Kerekes of Toledo has been missing out on all her favorite sounds.

"It's frustrating because you hear people say something, and i hear but sometimes it's something that it's not the right wording I think I hear sometimes it's a different word than what they say and it kind of rhymes with that word but it's not the same word and people think I'm ignoring them. It's embarrassing it's really embarrassing."

Things like conversations with grandchildren and everyday interactions have become a big challenge. A problem, 68-year old David Luce of Toledo can relate too.

"It's terrible I have a two-year-old grandbaby that i can barely hear he went to the house holler and then we can barely hear him." ~ David Luce, Toledo

Kerekes and luce have struggled financially to receive proper medical attention. Until now, hearing aids weren't an option for both kerekes and luce. That's where the nonprofit hearing center hearcare connection steps in one hearing test at a time.

"There's no better way to do it then for us to come to them sometimes are scared to come to us just like one of our patients said they don't have any money and we want to make our community know that they are important even though they have hearing loss that they can be a part of the community so that's our urgency to be out there and announced to the community that here care connection does exist and we are here to serve you." ~ Dr. Randa Mansour- Shousher, HearCare Connection

Dr. Randa Mansour- Shousher is an audiology doctor. She has made it her mission to help low-income adults and under-served children here in our community and overseas by working with the nonprofit organization hear care connection which started in Fort Wayne Indiana in 2008. In September, a new chapter was opened here in northwest Ohio expanding their hearing services and giving those who otherwise couldn't afford hearing aids the opportunity to live life to the fullest. While hear care connection is not a free clinic, patients who qualify are asked to repay them for their services by volunteering at an area nonprofit or public agency. For every mission trip, hear care connection recruits volunteers from our community to learn how to set up the three-day clinic where hundreds line up in the hopes of hearing.

"It's very exciting to see someone even the first time in their life say momma and we have seen it. There are a lot of tears there. "~ Dr. Randa Mansour- Shousher, HearCare Connection

NBC 24 is privileged to have been invited to take part in the next mission trip.We will be going to Jordan, Jerusalem and Bethlehem this Summer.

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